23 on 23

I turned 23 last year, February 3rd, drunk off black cherry White Claws, vodka sodas, and whiskey shots at Mel’s Burger Bar, the restaurant I was a bartender at in New York City before the entire country shut down. It was the Super Bowl and I was with a good friend, having fun watching Pat… Continue reading 23 on 23

Best Albums/Songs of 2020

2020 was a rather unceremonious start to the decade, as far as music goes. It isn’t even like there was a dearth of music I loved from this year, either; saying that would be disingenuous and dishonest, because there was quite a bit that I loved. However, just like with every other facet of 2020,… Continue reading Best Albums/Songs of 2020

Ten Songs From 2019 I Most Listened To (Part 2/4)

7) Birthday (feat. Monty)- Fetty Wap For the longest time, my bio on dating apps was “Fetty Wap deserved better!!”. Fetty had one of the greatest rap runs of this decade from late 14-15, when it felt like he catapulted into hip-hop superstardom overnight. His ascension seemed to reach its apex after Drake remixed "My… Continue reading Ten Songs From 2019 I Most Listened To (Part 2/4)