Best Albums/Songs of 2020

2020 was a rather unceremonious start to the decade, as far as music goes. It isn’t even like there was a dearth of music I loved from this year, either; saying that would be disingenuous and dishonest, because there was quite a bit that I loved. However, just like with every other facet of 2020,… Continue reading Best Albums/Songs of 2020

Ten Songs From 2019 I Most Listened To (Part 4/4)

3) Ballin' (feat Roddy Ricch)- Mustard Mustard's PERFECT TEN, which should have gotten much more love than it did "Ballin'" might be the best song to be released in 2019. It’s the ultimate climax to Mustard’s criminally underrated PERFECT TEN. It’s nominated for a Grammy in the Best Rap/Sung Performance category (one of two Roddy’s… Continue reading Ten Songs From 2019 I Most Listened To (Part 4/4)