Super Bowl Halftime Shows Ranked

For many around the country, unfortunately, the most exciting aspect of the wonderful yearly Super Bowl is not in fact the game, but the halftime performance! Sure, there have been years where this could’ve been acceptable (perhaps the 2013 Super Bowl between the Broncos and Seahawks or the 2019 Super Bowl between the Rams and… Continue reading Super Bowl Halftime Shows Ranked

23 on 23

I turned 23 last year, February 3rd, drunk off black cherry White Claws, vodka sodas, and whiskey shots at Mel’s Burger Bar, the restaurant I was a bartender at in New York City before the entire country shut down. It was the Super Bowl and I was with a good friend, having fun watching Pat… Continue reading 23 on 23

Best Albums/Songs of 2020

2020 was a rather unceremonious start to the decade, as far as music goes. It isn’t even like there was a dearth of music I loved from this year, either; saying that would be disingenuous and dishonest, because there was quite a bit that I loved. However, just like with every other facet of 2020,… Continue reading Best Albums/Songs of 2020

Ten Songs From 2019 I Most Listened To (Part 4/4)

3) Ballin' (feat Roddy Ricch)- Mustard Mustard's PERFECT TEN, which should have gotten much more love than it did "Ballin'" might be the best song to be released in 2019. It’s the ultimate climax to Mustard’s criminally underrated PERFECT TEN. It’s nominated for a Grammy in the Best Rap/Sung Performance category (one of two Roddy’s… Continue reading Ten Songs From 2019 I Most Listened To (Part 4/4)

Ten Songs From 2019 I Most Listened To (Part 2/4)

7) Birthday (feat. Monty)- Fetty Wap For the longest time, my bio on dating apps was “Fetty Wap deserved better!!”. Fetty had one of the greatest rap runs of this decade from late 14-15, when it felt like he catapulted into hip-hop superstardom overnight. His ascension seemed to reach its apex after Drake remixed "My… Continue reading Ten Songs From 2019 I Most Listened To (Part 2/4)

Ten Songs from 2019 I Most Listened To (Part 1/4)

10) I Got You (Always and Forever) (feat. En Vogue/Ari Lennox/Kierra Sheard)- Chance the Rapper Chance's latest album, THE BIG DAY, which is a better album than your friends will admit! When I talk to anybody in public about Chance the Rapper, I always very quickly come to the realization that I’m the only person… Continue reading Ten Songs from 2019 I Most Listened To (Part 1/4)