Best Albums/Songs of 2020

2020 was a rather unceremonious start to the decade, as far as music goes. It isn’t even like there was a dearth of music I loved from this year, either; saying that would be disingenuous and dishonest, because there was quite a bit that I loved. However, just like with every other facet of 2020,… Continue reading Best Albums/Songs of 2020

25 Popular TikTok Songs Ranked Worst-to-Best

TikTok is the most popular app in the world, as of writing this. Though it’s the first form of social media that feels entirely made to appeal to Gen Z, that hasn’t stopped people of all ages from joining. Due to the Coronavirus and society being quarantined, more and more people seem to be finding… Continue reading 25 Popular TikTok Songs Ranked Worst-to-Best

Ten Songs From 2019 I Most Listened To (Part 3/4)

5) Bad Bad Bad (feat. Lil Baby)- Young Thug Jeffrey Williams has a strong case to be made when debating who’s the most important artist of the decade. No other artist feels more omnipresent and imitated in hip-hop/pop at the moment than Young Thug. You can run down the list and name all of the… Continue reading Ten Songs From 2019 I Most Listened To (Part 3/4)